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Safe Food, Safe Family

Safe Food, Safe Family (SFSF) is an education and mission-focused community initiative by Al Yasra Foods. Led by a team of certified nutritionists, the initiative embarks on a campaign to engage households in Kuwait and educate them about the best food safety practices.

All our initiatives, events and activities tie back to our main mission – to ensure households in Kuwait are privy to the best food safety standards, thus eliminating any voluntary chances of food poisoning.


Family well-being starts with food safety

Food safety is an integral aspect of family wellbeing which is often neglected by households both in Kuwait and across the world. Food poisoning and foodborne illnesses are on the rise, and there is no better way to curb this epidemic than through integrating the basic aspects of food safety within all layers of society in Kuwait.


Our commitment

Standing firm on the belief that education is the path to better food safety at home and in the kitchen, SFSF holds a steadfast and unwavering commitment to educating households in Kuwait about food safety guidelines in the quest to encourage households to practice, adopt and share these principles.


Al Yasra Foods

Al Yasra Foods is a leader in providing value-added brand distribution solutions in Kuwait and Iraq with expanding activities in other GCC territories. Al Yasra Foods continually strives to retain and enhance the essence of what made the company successful – an uncompromising commitment to our customers, our vision and our core values.