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Get your Kids Safe

Children can play an important role in keeping your kitchen and food safe! In fact, teaching them simple tips on food safety from a young age, will result in them growing up to be food safety-savvy adults!

From washing hands to cooking it right, teach your kids simple tips to help them stay safe and healthy both at school and in your own kitchen.


Teach your kids these basic food safety tips

Washing hands with soapy, warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after they eat is a must. To make it a fun experience for them, get them to count to 10 using the Mississippi method. (1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi..etc)

Although your child may not be ready to cook yet, expose them to the mechanics of using a thermometer. Explain to them the importance of checking temperatures to assess if any food item is cooked well.

Get your kids to clean their own lunchbox daily when they are back from school. If you are packing cold foods for them in their lunchbox, make sure it is packed with an ice-pack to keep it cold until the time they eat it.

Kids love eating cookie dough or cake batter whenever any baking goes on in the house! However, eating raw dough is really dangerous and should be avoided because consuming raw eggs can actually lead to E.Coli and Salmonella. Get them to help you with the process of baking instead of the dough-nibbling!

Kids can be great help when it comes to washing vegetables and fruits. Assign them as your kitchen helpers and teach them the right way to wash produce.