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Is bacteria crashing your family gatherings?

Family meals in Kuwait are woven into our culture and tradition, and are an integral part of our weekly routine. We often cook up large quantities of delicious meals for the entire family. However, in the midst of trying to perfect the best dish to serve forward, we often forget that safe food always triumphs delicious food.

Follow these basic food safety tips to ensure you and your family stay safe.

Portion it right

It is always important to accurately gage the number of guests you are expecting at a gathering so that you cook the right amount. Cooking accurate portions means that you don’t have to leave extra unwanted portions of food items out on the dining table. Food items that are left out for more than two hours have a higher risks of being contaminated and will make for unsafe leftovers. Therefore, always ask for a headcount before a meal.

Say no to double-dipping

If you are serving dips or dipping sauces, then make sure you place separate spoons beside all the items to discourage double-dipping. Bacteria can be easily transferred from the mouth to the food item when you double-dip increasing the chances of food contamination.Guests often make the mistake of using their personal cutlery to pick out food items from the serving dish. This too constitutes as double-dipping and should be avoided.

Leftover rules

Gatherings usually last for hours, but food items should not be exposed for that long. Encourage everyone to have their food within a certain time frame, and store the rest of the food items. This way you are also encouraging and displaying food safety measures which they too can learn. Store your leftovers in different containers and make sure the refrigerator is not over-packed and there is plenty of air circulating around the food so it can be properly cooled.