Qout Market

On February 1, 2014 Safe Food, Safe Family participated in the February edition of Qout Market* by hosting our very own food safety booth. Our aim was to educate all patrons of the farmer’s market on the importance of food safety, and by doing so to hopefully reduce the number of food poisoning cases in Kuwait.

Our nutritionist and spokesperson, Dana Ghareeb was present at the farmer’s market and said “People are more aware of what they eat today compared to ten years ago, and that is a great step towards improving the health and well-being of our country. However, food safety is an aspect that most people are not exposed to and we definitely want to introduce the topic to the younger crowd as well.

Our booth consisted of two elements, an education element wherein which we interacted and introduced food safety in a fun and engaging way, as well as an interactive element where we showed people how to create their own safe detergent. All they had to do was add one cup of vinegar to three cups of vinegar, and then just to add a little scent we provided them with an array of scented oils which they could choose from. There is speculation on the safety levels of chlorine bleach solutions, so this is a great way to make an effective and safe cleaning solution at home using low-cost and available ingredients.

To create your own home-made detergent:

Add one cup of vinegar

Add 3 cups of water

Add 2 drops of any scented oil

*Qout Market is a community-based farmers market on the car park rooftop of Arraya Center, and during their on season host a farmer’s market on the first Saturday of every month.