KNPC Seminar and BBQ

On April 15, 2014 and as part of it’s nationwide initiative to reduce the overall risk of food poisoning in Kuwait, Safe Food, Safe Family hosted a half-day seminar and outdoor demonstration session featuring two renowned Kuwaiti dietitians, Sami Al Bader and Dana Ghareeb at the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) headquarters that educated over 1000 employees on the basics of food safety in the workplace.

The session tackled various food safety and nutritional malpractices that occur in the office daily through a seminar on food safety and healthy eating habits at the workplace, “Safe Food, Safe Family” nutritionist Dana Ghareeb said: “Most people have at least one meal in their offices and most often are not wary about how they store their food items in the office. In reality, most of us spend at least 7-8 hours at work so both food safety and nutrition is in fact extremely important at work. We would also like to thank our ambassador and nutritionist, Sami Bader for speaking to the staff here about the importance of eating healthy at work..

In addition to giving out various food safety material to the staff at KNPC, the event also featured an outdoor barbecue session educating KNPC employees on the best food safety practices to avoid both food contamination and food poisoning while barbecuing, as well as ways to make their own safe cleaning detergent at home.

KNPC Internal Communication and Employee Relations’ Controller, Fatemah Al Sori said: “At KNPC, it is in our practice to create a wholesome and informative culture for our employees and that includes educating them on everyday health aspects such as food safety and nutrition at work. We are honored to have “Safe Food, Safe Family” present at our offices for a half-day educational session that has provided our employees with insights on taking the first step towards a food-safe work environment here at KNPC”.

As part of Al Yasra Food’s ongoing commitment to promoting food safety and health in Kuwait, “Safe Food, Safe Family” has hosted more than 32 events at various locations in the last six months. The events were open to the general public, and showcased the most important aspects of food safety.