Messila Beach

Safe Food, Safe Family recently held two events at Messila Beach and Green Island to educate the public-at-large on barbecuing safely, as well as the possible risk of food contamination and food poisoning if the right food safety practices are not implemented.

Over the two events, more than 500 families were educated and introduced to right food safety practices while barbecuing by nutritionist Dana Ghareeb and the Safe Food, Safe Family team.

Ghareeb said, “During both our events, we had a BBQ station whereby we explained the dos and don’ts of barbecuing which included how to know when the coal is ready for barbecuing, how to separate food items before barbecuing, and the importance of using separate cutlery for different types of food items.

More importantly, we reached out to more than 300 families at their respective barbecue pits analyzing the way they barbecued, highlighting their mistakes to them and teaching them about the right ways to handle their food items before, during and after barbecuing.”

“Barbecuing is an activity that both Kuwaitis and expats in Kuwait enjoy, but the reality is that most people have not been exposed to the right and wrong ways to barbecue and that is something we aim to change through our campaign. In the future, we will be participating in more activities in hotspots across Kuwait to educate people on the basics of food safety that directly apply to their everyday lifestyle and leisure activities,” Ghareeb concluded.

As part of Al Yasra Food’s ongoing commitment to promoting food safety and health in Kuwait, “Safe Food, Safe Family” will be hosting Food Safety Week at 16 different cooperatives over the next six months, as well as other monthly events that will be open to the general public, and showcasing the most important aspects of food safety.

How to Barbecue Safely